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Integrated Pest Management

 Integrated Pest ManagementAl Tajer service is based on a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. The goal of IPM is to deliver effective pest control while at the same time reducing the volume and toxicity of pesticides used. IPM is a process for achieving long-term, environmentally sound pest control through the use of a wide variety of technological and management practices.

Control techniques of an IPM program include a combination of pest monitoring, good sanitation practices, education, appropriate solid waste management, building maintenance, alternative physiccal, mechanical and biological pest control, and the use of pesticides when warranted according to a predetermined hierarchy of pest management choices, formulations and application techniques, which will minimise the exposure and potential risk to people and the environment. Within Al Tajer IPM system we include all standard pesticides, consumable materials, fully trained and approved service technicians, supervision and consultation. When conducting an IPM program, certain tools, dependent on the environment, are required to a successful program.

The basis of these tools is to deliver effective pest control while at the same time only targeting those areas that are infested. This creates a process for achieving long-term, environmentally sound pest control while reducing the use of pesticides, minimizing the exposure and potential risk to people and the environment. AL TAJER formulates control strategies based on the clients' requirement, safety considerations, building to be protected, environment and pests likely to be controlled.

Flies and mosquitoes Control

 Flies and MosquitoesFlies and mosquitoes are a major vector pest in spreading disease. Flies live and breed in filth-riddden environments and can spread food poisoning bacteria and viruses when they land on our food. Mosquitoes are transmitters of numerous fatal diseases, such as Malaria and Dengue fever, which kill millions of people worldwide every year.

Some of Al Tajer fly and mosquito control solutions are:

Removal of Breeding Sources   |   Plastic Strip Curtains, Window Mesh Screens and Air Curtains   |   Electronic Fly Killers (EFK's)   |   Window Fly Traps   |   Fly Bait Bottles   |   Larvicide's Treatment   |   Fogging and ULV Space Treatments   |   Fly Bait and Residual Insecticides   |  

Rats and Mice Control

Rat and Mice Control Rats and mice can be responsible for the spread of a range of diseases. They also contaminate millions of dollars worth of foodstuff every year with their urine and faeces, and can damage our property through their gnawing habits. AL TAJER regularly encounters properties where rats have gnawed through electrical and IT wiring. Not only does this create loss in output and revenue, there is also a risk that this could cause fires.

Some of Al Tajer rat and mice control solutions are:

Rodent Bait Stations   |   Snaps Break Back Traps   |   Glue Boards   |   Live Rodent Cage Traps

Termite Treatment

Termites and other wood-boring insects can cause considerable damage to your property. It is estimmated that millions are spent every year in replacing damaged wooden fixtures and fixings caused by termites and other wood-boring insects. Most termite work we experienced is against subterrranean termites. This species of termite live in large underground colonies often containing over a million individuals that will feed on cellulose-containing items, such as wood and paper.

Some of Al Tajer termite control solutions are:

Pre-Construction Termite Control   |   Integrated Subterranean Termite Control   |   Drill and Injection Treatment   |   **NEW** Above-ground Monitoring Coming Soon!

Bird & Pigeon Control

Rat and Mice ControlBirds such as Feral Pigeons can spread diseases through their faeces. Many public health insect and rodent pest infestations are also often associated with pigeons living in close proximity to man. The mess caused by pigeon infestations can lead to drainage systems becoming blocked, corroding of masonry and paintwork. The cleanup bills and risk of litigation due to pigeon infestations can be considerably high, so proactive steps should be taken to control pigeons and other birds on your building. Some of Al Tajer pigeon control solutions are:

Pigeon Trapping Programs   |   Pigeon Proofing Work   |   Bird Buffer (Bird Reppelent)   |